Welcome to First Gear, Your gateway to the wonderful world of motorcycles. There are many facets to the motorcycle world. People who have entered this fraternity enjoy many aspects of it. Bikers enjoy racing, touring(in this country and abroad), rallies, bike shows and many just ride for fun. Many riders just see a motorbike as a means of commuting. Whatever your motives for riding a motorcycle, you will need to aquire the appropriate licence and undertake some form of rider training. This is where 1st Gear can help.

Whatever bike you may be thinking about, be it a 'twist and go' scooter, a commuter bike, cruiser, custom bike, sportsbike or tourer, 1st Gear have the course for you to achieve your dream. 1st Gear is fully approved by the Driving Standards Agency for all training types. All our instructors are DSA approved and have many years experience on bikes and in instructing. All training is carried out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere,but don't let this fool you . We take our duties as instructors very seriously, believing that the safety of the student is paramount and all legal and safety issues are strictly adhered to. We do, however believe that your course should be an enjoyable experience and see no reason why we should not have fun while training.

1st Gear also offer a range of new and used motorcycles for sale, see our new and used bikes pages.
We also offer full workshop facilities for all your repair and servicing requirements. More details on our 'services' page. We are also looking to be offering MOT testing in the very near future, watch this space!
We also carry a large range of Motorcycle clothing, Safety helmets,Gloves,Boots and Accessories.
In fact 1st Gear offer the complete service, We can teach you to ride, find you the ideal bike for your needs and look after you and your bike from there on.
Have a look around our site, if you can't find what you are looking for go to contact us and we will do our very best to accomodate you.